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UX Designer/Researcher @ Harvard University. My work ranges from design and user research, to design facilitation, to CSS theming.


  • Brian Hauch

    Brian Hauch

    I believe the best digital solutions balance the practical demands of business with the investigative nature of design.

  • Vidyut Latay

    Vidyut Latay

    UX/UI Designer with a background in documentary filmmaking. Years of experience in research and storytelling. Empathy, curiosity and problem solving define me.

  • Grace, Mu-Hui Yu

    Grace, Mu-Hui Yu

    I’m just a UX Designer & Researcher & Engineer & BBT-holic.

  • Kristina Augustinaite

    Kristina Augustinaite

    Startup enthusiast with a background in psychology and e-commerce

  • Nicolas Langin

    Nicolas Langin

    UX/UI Designer, Design Lover… Actuellement chez Pure Agency

  • Emily Marsh

    Emily Marsh

  • Sara J Koay

    Sara J Koay

    Overly enthusiastic user and design researcher.

  • bala karthikeyan

    bala karthikeyan

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